Rex The Rescue Pup Combo Pak – 2 Rex Books + a Child Safety Kit


The Rex The Rescue Pup Combo Pak contains 2 Rex The Rescue Pup children’s books, a Child Safety Scent Kit, and a BONUS Rex The Rescue Pup deputy badge sticker! All for ONLY 39.99


The Rex The Rescue Pup Combo Pak contains 2 Rex The Rescue Pup children’s books, a Child Safety Scent Kit, and a BONUS Rex The Rescue Pup deputy badge sticker! All for ONLY 39.99

Starting the Child Safety Conversation Early with Rex the Rescue Pup

Rex the Rescue Pup helps parents and caregivers open the door to discussions with kids about child safety issues. When it comes to having a talk about child safety,
the sooner the better. Rex the Rescue Pup makes starting that conversation easy and engaging.

Join the adventure as Rex the Rescue Pup and friends use their unique talents to search for a missing wolf pup in the wilderness. Written by author, Cassie Coley, the Rex The Rescue Pup series is designed to create awareness for the work her family does to help locate missing persons using Scent Discriminate K9s like Rex.

Rex The Rescue Pup - Into The Wild Illustration

Cassie’s father, Paul Coley, is a former FBI Forensic Canine Specialist and founder-CEO of Scent Evidence K9, a leading national provider of Scent Preservation Kit® products and Scent
Discriminate K9 Training for emergency response agencies. Paul also works with community organizations to help protect those at greater risk of going missing. His groundbreaking Scent Preservation Kit® is being utilized by law enforcement agencies, family members, and caregivers around the world to help responders quickly find those missing and bring them home safe to their loved ones.










The CHILD SAFETY SCENT KIT is easy to use and it only takes a few minutes to SWIPE, SEAL, and STORE a person’s unique odor and be ready with an uncontaminated scent article for K9 responders to begin searching to find your missing loved one fast and bring them home safe.

Child Safety Kit Scent Kit

Each Child Safety Kit Includes:

  • Specialized Evidence-grade Jar
  • Sterile Gauze Pad
  • Child Identification Kit – Fingerprints, Photos, Dental, Photo, and more
  • ID Label
  • Non-Allergenic Gloves
  • Tamper Proof Tape
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Individual Preparedness Plan Flash Drive

A person’s scent is as unique as their fingerprint and can last up to 10 years when stored in our scientifically-tested life-saving kit. Having a scent kit prepared can significantly increase a dog’s ability to locate a child and reduces the time it takes responders to bring them home safely. Great for kids who like to camp, hike, fish, or play in the great outdoors.

Our Child Safety Kit can be applied in minutes and contains our standard Scent Preservation Kit® and Child ID kit with fingerprint/DNA collection materials.

In addition to providing responders with an uncontaminated scent article to conduct an accurate search, the Scent Kit® contains our Individual Preparedness Plan Flash Drive that allows family members and caregivers to prefill valuable information to help responders identify and locate the missing person. It also includes a section for person-centered trauma-informed information that alerts responders to potential triggers that may upset the person and comforting methods to help calm them.  Having this information not only helps emergency responders locate the individual faster, but it reduces the risk of trauma caused by the missing person event.

When a loved one goes missing, emotions and safety concerns are at their highest level. To help you be prepared for an event, the Individual Preparedness Plan Flash Drive also contains Missing Person Reporting Guidelines so that you will know just what to do if someone goes missing. To view reporting guidelines, CLICK HERE.


©2023 The Scent Preservation Kit® and all included instructions/Preparedness Plan materials are registered properties of Scent Evidence K9, LLC


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