Q: How does The Scent Preservation Kit® help find a lost person?

A: When a person pre-collects their unique scent and stores it in The Scent Kit®, they have an uncontaminated scent article to give to K9 responders before the search begins. This saves time and significantly increases the accuracy for the dog. If there is no Scent Kit to work with, responders may be forced to use a scent article that may have been touched by family members, pets, etc. The Scent Kit allows responders to immediately begin searching with an uncontaminated scent article that the dog can trail to locate the missing person faster and bring them home safe. 


Q: How long does The Scent Kit® last?

A: Studies show that The Scent Kit® can last up to 10 years if properly stored out of direct sunlight or heat. 


Q: Should I get a Scent Kit or a GPS locator bracelet?

A: GPS bracelets can be effective in locating a missing person but they are typically very expensive (over $300), batteries can die, the signal can be out of range, they can break, be lost, or simply taken off by the person. You can’t lose your scent. Once it’s stored in The Scent Kit®, it’s ready for law enforcement responders if the person goes missing. There’s no charging, batteries, breakage, or possibility of removing it to worry about. Our Scent Kit is also only around $20. If you have a GPS bracelet already, you should get the affordable Scent Preservation Kit® as well.  


Q: I’ve heard that I can just put a sock in a plastic bag and store it in the refrigerator. Will that work?

A: Plastic bags and other containers are porous and can allow the scent to escape and other odors to enter. Put an onion in a plastic bag and place it in the refrigerator. Soon you will smell the onion. The Scent Kit® uses specially-treated, evidence-grade jars that are designed for law enforcement K9 search deployments. It keeps the scent locked in and other odors out to prevent contamination.


Q: I have a child with autism. Would the kit work for them?

A: The American Pediatric Association states that almost 50% of children with autism will wander and go missing at least once before age 17. Protecting people at risk of wandering is one of the important reasons we developed the Scent Kit. Everything you need to collect your child’s scent is included in the box. If your child can’t collect their own scent, we include gloves so you can do it for them. For more info on Autism and Wandering Click HERE


Q: I have a family member with Alzheimer’s Disease that wanders. What can I do to find them if they get lost? 

A: 3 in 5 people with Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia will wander and go missing. Having a Scent Kit® prepared will help responders find your loved ones fast and bring them home safe. It only takes a couple of minutes to collect, label, and secure their scent for safe keeping. We also include a Missing Person checklist in the kit that you can fill out to provide more information to responders. Preparing for a wandering event helps everyone who is working to find a missing loved one and bring them home. We recently partnered with The Alzheimer’s Project to pass the Bringing The Lost Home Bill in Florida. To see how we are working with law enforcement agencies and communities to improve missing person response for people with Alzheimer’s and Autism Click HERE